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9 Good Reasons To Call In Sick And Miss Work At The Last Minute with Examples 2023

Your productivity wanes, and you could bring your entire team down. If you work in an environment where everyone needs to be on their A-game, coming into work sick will do no one any good. This list of excuses for calling off work will give you the confidence to use them when the moment comes. If you call out of work, inform your manager before so he can arrange your alternative. Be precise while telling your boss the reason for not showing up.

  • Whatever your reason is for requesting leave, either short-term or for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to be upfront and honest about your situation.
  • Because for parents, children are the topmost priority and then comes their work.
  • You love them immensely, so there’s no reason to hesitate taking time off work to find them when they go lost.
  • Or if you’re picking up an elderly relative or someone unfamiliar with your town or city, missing work to meet that person at the airport is understandable.
  • If you have a kid, you never need to make up any excuse; kids demand a lot of time and attention and nobody is going to object to you missing work to attend to your child’s needs.

But if you are not feeling well, mentally or physically, and require a sick day to recover your physical and mental health so you can work productivity, it is often understandable. Although calling in sick due to mental health issues is not widely accepted by most employers. Leaving work on short notice to meet a realtor with a hot deal, or to buy a used car that can’t be seen at any other time, could be reasonable excuses for leaving work on short notice. Everyone needs a day of self-care to rejuvenate from time to time. Even if you have a career you love, it helps, particularly mentally, to take a mental health day. Any good employer will understand that family comes first.

Child Care Needs: Doctor’s Appointment, Dentist, Vaccinations

The need to take a day off on short notice from work happens to all of us. Life happens, and when it does, we need to take some time to take care of the circumstances that come our way. According to federal law, your employer is required to give you unpaid time off for jury duty — but depending on your state, they could also be required to pay you for those days off. Either way, you may be asked to show your official jury summons to your employer, so be prepared. If you can’t avoid missing work, your manager is likely to understand your need to attend to a pet emergency.

As their children, we want to be there for them and often need to be. For help with writing a letter or absence for family matters, check out this article. Working from home has its own unique challenges, and one of those is when you’re experiencing computer issues. Depending on the difficulty, you may find you need to wait a day or more to have a new computer shipped to your residence.

Feeling tired? 7 reasons to take a vacation

Check your employer’s official policy to see how much time off is allowed for bereavement. Employers are often understanding when their employees miss time at work due to an unexpected emergency or accident occurs. On the other hand, they might not be so sympathetic when staff members start taking random time off, especially if it occurs on a routine basis. No employer would want to risk putting you or your family in danger by demanding you come in. Choosing the right venue to inform your manager or boss is important. For example, if you know the night before that you aren’t feeling well.

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I have contacted [colleague’s name] to handle any pressing issues on my behalf. I’ll do my best to resolve the situation quickly and be back at work as soon as possible. There are times when you need to attend significant personal appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of work hours. This could include meeting with a financial advisor, attorney, therapist, or other professionals.

Get a job you won’t want to miss

While more and more companies are accepting the idea of a mental health day without a specific reason or emergency, this excuse is best if requested one or two days in advance. General tiredness isn’t one of the best reasons for missing work on the day of your shift, since it’ll leave your boss wondering why you didn’t plan ahead and communicate better. I’ve had horrible jobs myself, and I understand having a feeling of panic in the morning when you’re simply overwhelmed and want to call out. However, I recommend using one of the excuses above if you’re going to call out of work last minute. It’s better to take a sick day than a mental health day if giving short notice. Save the personal day or mental health day for when you’re able to request it at least one or two days in advance.

valid reasons to miss work

It would be nice to know when emergencies are going to happen, but that’s not realistic. At some point or another, you might need to call out of work at the last minute — here are three reasons why. If your pet has an emergency, that’s certainly an acceptable excuse to call out of work.

Remote Work Podcast on Building & Scaling Remote Teams

I was hired for a remote job because I wrote a cover letter with a link to a Google Sheet that included bugs in their software. Follow groups and profiles to increase authority within your role and industry. There are no quick wins when it comes to applying for remote jobs. When applying for a remote job, include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Another podcast from Harvard Business Review, Women at Work discusses the distinct challenges women face in the office. From gender discrimination to maternity leave to racial justice, these podcast hosts and HBR staffers don’t shy away from the tough topics. Thank you Wayne and Marisa for sharing tips on working remotely. I think this is very useful for many people who continue to be in hybrid working spaces. Sharon Koifman is the founder of DistantJob with more than 15 years of experience in the tech, recruitment, & HR world. In this podcast, this interesting thinker will discuss the talent side of remote work and how to promote worker creativity and a better quality of life.

Podcasts to Motivate Remote Business Growth

Produced by NPR, How I Built This collects interviews of founders and location independent entrepreneurs. And he shares inspirational insights on failure and success in the remote work world. Niche Pursuit is all about learning working from home podcast more about link building, Google Ads, and everything related to this niche. Indeed, host Spencer Haws provides valuable tips to start a new remote business, sharing interviews with founders and analyzing case studies.

remote work podcast

Flexjobs is arguably one of the largest job portals for remote workers. Sara Sutton, CEO of Flexjobs brings us through the evolution of Flexjobs and the insights and trends she’s seen through the evolution of distributed teams. Always fascinating, Frank Cottle, the CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices has been working and running remote teams since the ’80s.

These 6 Remote Work Podcasts Will Help Workers Thrive

Frank has decades of experience and insight on the evolution of working remotely. Listen in as he details how he manages his team and what he does to create culture. An online presence can help you stand out in the remote job market.

  • Warrington shares his experience living in another country while working for a remote-first organization.
  • Based in Bulgaria, DevriX is a WordPress Development Agency whose team is 3/4 remote.
  • Using his expertise in remote teams, the host interviews several professionals to manage distributed teams.
  • Organizational psychologist Adam Grant investigates how science can explain work-related stuff like procrastination, workplace burnout, etc.
  • In this podcast, she gets into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to build, scale, and sell blogs.
  • Follow groups and profiles to increase authority within your role and industry.
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