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12 Best UX Books You Must Read to Up Your Design Game

It’s also used by large companies as a way to test out new products before committing big dollars and resources to them. Both describe an MVP that you can take to the market and win your first customers while improving and developing your product. For simplicity many people just say MVP and we will stick to it too in this article. MLP appeared ui ux books in the vocabulary of product managers, startupers, and designers in 2013 thanks to Henrik Kniberg. This means that for 12 years people were focused on creating a viable product, until suddenly it was not enough anymore. This book explores the ways in which design affects our daily lives, from the products we use to the buildings we inhabit.

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And some companies expect product developers to do the UX design. A Project Guide to UX Design is a handbook for UX designers smashed under the responsibility of design projects. To save you some precious reading time, I have gathered up the 12 BEST books on UX design you could read in 2023. This will allow you to communicate more easily and fluently with colleagues and clients, which can help you progress faster professionally. After reviewing and considering more than twenty books on UX, in this guide I have collected what I consider to be the 7 best UX Design books you can find right now. I’ll also include some clues about each of them to help you know if it’s the perfect book for you.

Written by DesignGrapes

As a team of professional designers, we want to make thought-out products that people love. However, our clients might be in a condition where they don’t want/ can not invest enough money and time to build a loveable product. This book is written in a concise and approachable manner, making it perfect for beginners in the field. It is divided into 100 short lessons, each focusing on a different aspect of UX design. Though it’s from 1995, and it’s slightly more focused on designing interfaces, the examples are amazing, e.g. remember Windows 95?

This book teaches you how to design websites and products systematically as well as how to create, document, and maintain design systems. Ideal for UI/UX designers, researchers, project managers, Scrum masters, marketing teams, and business analysts. This book will be useful not only for creating websites but for other digital products, as well.

The Lean Startup

I found the two chapters about the loss of innovation and velocity most revealing, followed by the chapters about roadmaps and objectives. This shelf is for you if you’re a senior designer looking to accelerate your career or a junior designer who wants to know more about how product design teams work. I recommend this book to managers, designers, and developers alike, as it provides a common-sense outlook on usability. Also, he brings plenty of entertaining examples to underline his points. Today, much of the equipment and software recommended in this book has been replaced by usability testing software, like Useberry. What many senior designers have over juniors is the confidence that stems from experience.

  • Alan Dix is a computing professor at the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Centre of the University of Birmingham, UK.
  • She says it offers the simplest (and, probably, funniest) way to figure out how usability works.
  • I skimmed this book but based on my impressions, it’s a concise overview of all important UX concepts.
  • The good news is that reading this book will save you from scouring the internet for reliable articles on these topics.
  • It teaches you to integrate UX design, product discovery, product management, and agile methodologies to create excellent solutions.

At the end of each section, a box of takeaways provides concrete, actionable tips for applying the principles discussed in the section. The chapters cover every topic on designing UI with UX best practices in mind. That being said, if you’re UX oriented, you will have to support this book with another one about UX principles. For any MVP one of the main goals is always to collect feedback from the users,  analyze it, make conclusions and share it with the team.

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